Deadline 14th May 2010


  Sarah Harding Fanbook 2010

Sarah and the Tangled Up Tour fanbook 2008

Have you ever wanted to get a message to Sarah Harding????

If so carry on reading.

In the past few years we've had the pleasure of doing the Tangled Up and Out of Control fanbook. They were a huge success and we managed to collect loads of messages for Sarah.

The deadline for this is 14th May any messages submitted after this won't be included

Obviously this year the girls arent touring but we thought it'd be nice to do a fanbook for Sarah so she can still see that the fans are loving and supporting her whilst Girls Aloud are on a break and supporting in her solo career as an actress.

All you have to do is write a message that you'd like Sarah to read. Any abusive, insulting or messages demanding things (like autographs, backstage passes, etc) will NOT be included in the book. This is purely for true fans of Sarahs to be able to get a message to her. The book will 100% get to Sarah so come on people this is a chance to know 100% that you've got a message to Sarah Harding.

Things to include -

A message to Sarah
Any graphics that you've done
Details if you've ever met Sarah

So send your messages to  or you can send me a message on Girls Aloud Official forum, Sarah Harding Addicts forum or Girls Aloud Media forum, my username is Sarah Is A Babe. Or follow us on twitter